If you’re studying at a university in the City of Brighton and Hove – that’s the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex, the Chaplaincy would love to do whatever we can to make your time here even more enjoyable and worthwhile. The Chaplaincy welcomes and supports everyone – of any faith or none.

The Methodist Chaplain to the universities are the Rev Andy Lowe (Sussex) and the Rev Dermot Thornberry (Brighton) and the student worker (lay chaplain) at both universities, is me, Sue Harrington. We offer all sorts of events and opportunities throughout the year.

You can be in touch in several ways: through this website (duh!):

as well as our student community Facebook group: Student Circuit

And you can tweet us: @StudentCircuit

There’s also the general chaplaincy Facebook group where a lot of our events are publicised:


Some events we offer are: a monthly draw for a bag of groceries or voucher, a free coffee or tea  ‘tombola’ and other fun things through the regular Chaplaincy drop-in on Mondays 12 noon – 2 pm, at the coffee bar on Brighton University’s Grand Parade campus.

If you’re interested in needlework of any kind (knitting, crochet, sewing etc) come and say hello and tell us what you’re working on. I might even have my knitting with me. Of course you don’t have to be interested in needlework to come and say hello or take part!

We’ve started a drop-in discussion  group “Reflection” which meets in the Grand Parade coffee bar. It’s an open, safe and respectful place to talk about areas of life which you may have found or are finding are being challenged at university – be that religion/faith, philosophy, ethics or anything else. Sometimes talking about something helps get it in proportion and seeing others’ perspective can be interesting and helpful. Next meeting: 28 Feb 2019, 12.30 – 13.30.  Stanley who’s a miniature Schnauzer has been in attendance and is delighted to say hello and enjoy a tickle! If you miss your pet and could do with a dose of dog, let us know and we’ll arrange for another visit by Stanley when you can come along and say hello.


 At Sussex University the weekly Methodist Chaplaincy drop-in is on a Wednesday morning (9.30 am -1 pm) at The Meeting House – other Chaplains are there at other times and on other days – any of the Chaplains can be available at other times by request.

We also meet weekly on a Thursday morning at 11 am for Theology Cafe where there’s a discussion on a theme set from the previous meeting, usually around faith or ethics.

There is also a short, ecumenical meditation service “Reflections” at Sussex University Meeting House at 1 pm on Wednesdays followed every week by a light lunch, everyone is welcome to attend.

There are loads of volunteering opportunities as well as social events you can get involved with.

Each month we cook and serve food at Sussex University. Look out for brunches and other food events in 2019 including soups, jacket potatoes, hot chocolate and pancakes.

We’d love to meet you – so do let us know if you’re in Brighton & Hove and you need anything, just be in touch …


coffee, chat, cake … (doughnut)?

See you soon!



If you have a suggestion or if there’s anything we can do to help you just contact us

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