About Us

Student Circuit exists to offer a warm welcome to students studying in and around Brighton & Hove.

Whether Christian, atheist or “other”; any faith or none, we would love to get to know you and help out in whatever way we can: lunches, brunches, cuppa & chat and events are on offer. Find out more …

Email us:         studentcircuit@gmail.com

Call/ Text:               +44 (0)7943401608 [Sue]

                    Follow us on Twitter, join the Student Circuit Facebook group, or join either (or both!) of the US University Chaplaincy / UoB Faith & Spirituality Facebook groups and/or follow us on Instagram

As well as our events, if you’re interested in volunteering opportunities, be in touch and we’ll forward you the relevant details.

Student Circuit is supported by the Brighton & Hove Methodist Circuit.

A site for all students and particularly those in Brighton & Hove

We thought you might like to know a little about our logo:


Overall it’s a boat and that’s recognising we are by the sea. You might notice the body of the ‘boat’ is a fish shape – the icthus, which is a Christian symbol, we are the Methodist part of the Chaplaincy, so we’re Christian but we, and all of the Chaplains, welcome people of any faith or none. The mast is in the shape of the Cross, another symbol strongly associated with Christianity. It’s also the ‘T’ in ‘student’. The little device on the sail of the boat is a seedling – a symbol of growth, after all, time at university is partly about developing knowledge and skills. (As well as growing new friendships and cultivating a great social life!) Finally you might ask “why ‘circuit’?” well apart from meaning that you’re part of a specific group ‘on the circuit’ it is also a reference (again!) to Methodism – the Methodist churches around the country, and around the world, are grouped together into Circuits. The Brighton & Hove Circuit consists of five churches; Hove, Patcham, Woodingdean, Stanford Avenue and Dorset Gardens, these last two are both in Brighton. You will receive a warm welcome at any of these churches. The Methodist Church in Brighton & Hove, is an inclusive Church.

Please be in touch if you want to ask about any of the churches in this Circuit, we will happily try to answer any questions you may have.

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